Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things I have learned this past week

I have no regrets.
Yes, there may be things in my past that I am not proud of but that's only a changing point. Anytime one identifies something that they are not happy with they have the opportunity to change it. No use being upset over the past it is actually gone. It is now 12:37 pm on Tuesday November 6th, 2012. 12:36 pm and everything before that will never come back again unless I drag it into my present and I don't see any reason to do that. If I need to analyse it for a moment so I can decide how to be better in my present and future that is one thing but to drag it into my present so I can beat myself up(sorry, not necessary).

Angels are big and powerful
I was reading last week in "The Complete Personalized Promise Bible for Women" that angels are really big, male characters. Think big, muscly, swoonable fire fighters and lots of them. When we really need them God will send them out in excess of 72,000 at a time. There are only 60,000 people in Santa Cruz, woe baby 72,000 that's a lot. I've decided that I have 2 personal angels. I'm not sure where to place them in my office or my bedroom but when I'm walking around (me and my boys) I definitely walk taller. This is one of those things that really helps me feel like the powerful person I am as God's daughter.

Prayers only work when you pray them
I manage a senior's apartment complex. I had been in the habit of praying for everyone and singing as I walked around doing my first morning chores. As I pass every doorway I'd send in love, peace, health and an extra prayer if I knew of something special. Somewhere around the time I came back from vacation I stopped doing this (I don't actually know why or when I stopped). The thing I can tell you is that the energy here is just crazy. People are consumed with fear, the fear is multiplying because everyone is sharing their story with everyone else. Simple things like a misplaced item or a sound in the night are turning into horror stories. People are terrified of anyone who comes on the property who they haven't seen before - prospective tenants are getting run off the property before they get to the office.
It's obviously time to return to my habit of praying everyday, we did have much better energy here over the summer when I had been doing this. I think it will be an interesting experience to watch the energy shift back to positive.

Prayers are short & specific
My most powerful prayers are short and specific. But again you have to actually pray them. I write these prayers that I think are really powerful then somehow after a couple of days about the time I'm beginning to see results the paper gets tucked inside a book and misplaced. Then when I become aware that I'm struggling with something I remember that I had a prayer for this at one time and I start over again.
This is the prayer I started praying for my sweetie and myself on Saturday morning "Jim & I are healthy. All organs & systems of our bodies are healthy & function to perfection. We desire only good things for ourselves. We have a respectful, productive, peaceful, loving relationship. November is the most prosperous, productive month of our lives." Sunday night he says to me "We should have a date night every week, it could be Tuesday night. I would stay home from the bar and you could quit work early and we could hang out together at home. It could be our sex date & we could watch movies and just hang out."
Give me a second to catch my breath - it would take me several paragraphs to explain why that is the most amazing thing I have ever heard in my life. Now it could be interesting tonight as it is the election today in the United States. So even if this statement only comes partially true over the next couple of weeks, it is still amazing that he even said it. I'm believing for good things!

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