Sunday, January 13, 2013

Your husband is not your provider

Your husband is not your provider . . . .
nor is your boss, your best friend or your family.

God is your provider period!

We get caught up in being human, in thinking you should have done this for me, you owe me, this would be better if you would do it this way, this would be better if I didn't have to take care of doing this because it is really your responsibility.

We need to stop talking, we need to stop fuming, we need to stop bitching to our best friend because all that does is remind ourselves, God, the universe, and our friends of how crappy we think the situation is. It would be much better to not share that negative energy and to pray about it instead claiming what we would really like to see.

What do you need to say to God?
I personally believe in claiming short powerful sentences as my truth. Below I have listed prayer sentences on various topics and in various formats. I encourage you to make up your own powerful sentences to speak to God and to remind yourself of what you are believing for.
I am so happy and grateful that God provides for all of our financial needs & all of our bills are paid on time.
Thank you that my spouse & I are considerate of each other and talk to each other with love and affection.
I am sending love, peace, health & wisdom to my family.
Thank you that my health, wisdom & energy increase daily.
Thank you God for prospering my business, for sending eager customers my way, for giving me wisdom on how to do business better every day.
I am so happy & grateful that today is an absolutely marvelous day full of miracles, blessings and other wonderful things.
Thank you for filling my broken heart with love.
I am so happy & grateful that I am releasing my childhood wounds and am moving towards greater peace and happiness every day.
Thank you that my spouse & I have a wonderful sexual relationship, that we are patient, loving & considerate of each other, that we do things specifically to pleasure the other.
Thank you for protecting my children and that they are happy & safe.
What do you need to say to God?

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