Friday, March 8, 2013

0 to 10k

A couple of weeks ago when I was at the NLP seminar someone asked me what I had passion for.

The first two things I put on the list were I love running in the mountains & I love walking in the desert. I know within those two phrases there are really paragraphs of information.

I love trail running in California. I love walking in the desert, my favorite race is along highway 375 near area 51 at midnight under a full moon. You will note that I did not say I like walking on asphalt in California. And yet I told my girlfriend I would be doing the full marathon at Avenue of the Giants this year. Last year Avenue of the Giants half marathon was one of those races when I was constantly wondering why I was out there and I told myself I was either going to do the 10k to win or the full marathon next year. Obviously I was looking for a bigger challenge.

My marathon training isn't going that well as it consists of walking two miles, buying something to eat, walking two miles buying something else to eat etc. I'm getting the miles in but not in a race friendly way. I don't think there is ice cream, potato salad & breakfast burritos on the race course.

How much would it knock my socks off to win a race? That's a good question. I've never really thought about winning before. I usually come pretty close to last or somewhere in the tail end. But it got me excited to think about winning and I tore out the door running two days in a row as far and as fast as I could go. Damn my shins hurt and I need to be aware of that IT band thing or I'm going to be sidelined again.
Time to regroup. Two sports bras feels better than just one (weird but it works). New Saucony's in blow your mind neon (OMG they just look fast).

How far to run, how often to run, how fast to run?? Who knows these things, I don't. Can I win the 10K at Avenue? – they are pretty darn fast there and it is two months away. I don't really know. Can I win a 10k somewhere this season,? YES I CAN.

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