Friday, February 22, 2013

My introduction to NLP

I first discovered NLP in January 2012. I picked up a book at the library titled Law of Attraction. I had been studying The Secret for several years and this was the natural next step.
This book was so simply written I couldn’t believe I was reading it. It is written simply so anyone can comprehend it which is wonderful because it has a very powerful message.
This book taught me to identify what I didn’t want in my life and use that to identify what I did want in my life. From there to create positive sentences, or affirmations to confess during the day. These affirmations had to be believable to me. They had to be sentences I could say without blockage. If I couldn’t say them confidently then I needed to either change up the sentence so that I could say it or to analyze my belief and figure out why I couldn’t say it (and make adjustments based on that).
I love affirmations, as I have watched a lot of things shift for the better in the last year. I highly recommend this book as an introduction to NLP.

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