Sunday, March 2, 2014

Explore how amazing you are!!

I was feeling a little down the other day & decided to write a list of things I had done in my lifetime. I tend to think I haven’t done anything yet or that what I’m doing is just tiny. I must say it made me feel better to think about it and to write it down.

Things I’ve done (in no particular order):
1. Lived in a tent for a summer at a camp ground while teaching Bible Camp & doing beach maintenance. Also, won the lumberjack contest on the Civic Holiday weekend.
2. Spent a summer with in Scotland & England. While in Scotland taught vacation Bible school. Also lived on a canal boat travelling through England doing puppet shows and singing wherever there was an audience.
3. Spent a summer with at an orphanage in Israel building retaining walls & gardening.
4. Survived boot camp in the jungle in Florida for the above 2 mission projects with Teen Missions.
5. Spent 2 weeks on Germany preaching in the streets.
6. Went to Bible College. Preached from the pulpit at several churches, laid hands on sick people.
7. Encourage others (I am usually the spiritual go to girl)
8. Graduated grade 13. In Canada we used to have 5 years of high school.
9. Owned & drove a motorcycle. It’s on the top ten list of fun.
10. Climbed up 10 water falls in the Dominican Republic. Slid down the water falls and jumped the last one that was 20 feet high. On the top ten list of fun.
11. Drove a transport truck. (didn’t get my license, don’t care, I had the guts to try)
12. Studied to be an Executive Administrative Assistant (can’t type worth crap graduated as a receptionist)
13. Worked as an Executive Administrative Assistant to the president and credit manager at the head office of a nationwide company.
14. Bold enough to leave 2 common law marriages, 2 marriages and at least one job when they weren’t beneficial to me & I couldn’t change them for the better.
15. Manage a 2.5 million dollar property virtually by myself. I am the responsible party 24/7/365 period. Hire contractors, collect rent, rent apts, fix things, garden, etc etc etc, pick up dog poop
16. Care for the seniors at this property (get discounts on utilities, eyeglasses, hearing aids. Help them find the food bank for the day. Give them food and money for laundry. Pray with them. Help them get to the hospital when they are too mentally ill to live well with others.)
17. I used to walk with a cane. I was in pain from my neck down to my ankles. When the medical system couldn’t help me, I immersed myself in chiropractic, massage therapy & naturopathic therapy to heal myself. Since then I have :
a. Completed a marathon.
b. Completed a couple of duathlons and a couple of sprint triathlons.
c. Done a slew of half marathons, most of them in crazy locations in the middle of the night.
d. Completed a mud run.

I encourage you to write down what you have done in your lifetime, it might just surprise you & encourage you.

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