Thursday, February 21, 2013


I spent a lot of time in 2012 writing about how I didn’t have the money I desired. I really truly believed that my supreme being whom I call God wanted me to have more than enough money to fill up the back of my Subaru (one of my visualizations). I have food and can almost pay my monthly bills and anything beyond that is a stretch. So my dream of seeing my family more and participating in lots of races wasn’t a reality last year.

I have prayed, visualized, stepped into my prayer circle, put my worries in a jar, confessed, drew pictures, tapped, quantum jumped, used hypnotic meditations etc., etc. and have not received the money I believe God has for me. So I went to an NLP seminar with The Empowerment Partnership this past weekend. I skipped paying a few bills so I had $97 to enroll with the intention that if this worked I would attract the money I needed to pay bills later.

At this point I am very hopeful that I will learn to use the methods I need to release my fear of lack of money. So far I have learned to relax more and worry less. I call it “stepping into three”. I used an anchoring technique to go back to a time when was happy, and had no worries. At three years old I sang and skipped constantly, drove the rocking chair like a car, had many cats and a doll almost as big as me, I also had no brothers to bother me yet. I was stress-free at three. I’m not going to tell you how anchoring works because I am not a teacher. What I can tell you is that I can step forward one step and savour being in a peaceful place with no worries just like when I was three.

Releasing my fear of lack of money is another issue and I think I will have success with that soon enough. I feel that since the weekend I can hear my unconscious mind better. I expect that it will be a process, that emotions will rise to the surface as the one that is ready to be dealt with next. Then I will choose the state I want to release and the state that I can replace it will come to me through my unconscious mind and then I will sense which method will allow me to accomplish what I desire.

Looking forward to wonderful things in 2013.

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